Escalation (The Island II)

“I glance over at Connor walking next to me. His face is set in hard lines, and I can tell he’s upset. Even though the rest of us are safe, I know it kills him that one of us must suffer to remain that way. I reach out to squeeze his hand in reassurance, something I would never have done two months ago, and he glances over at me. 

“Tomorrow, we need to talk,” he mouths, his stormy eyes dark and brooding. All I can think is, what have I done now?”

Reagan Rykehart never expected to be sentenced to the Grandy Island reintegration camp for at-risk youth. She also never expected she’d be nuts enough to jump ship and make a swim for it.

Just her luck she washes up on psycho island. What’s the old saying? Takes one psycho to know another? When Connor and the Sect decide she’s trustworthy enough to bring her into the fold, she has no idea what she’s in for. Nevertheless, Reagan’s never been one to back down from a challenge and she isn’t about to start now. Problem is, will it be more than she can handle this time around?

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  • Authored by: C.B. Stone
  • Published by: InkedPlot Media

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Lurve my work? Support me on Patreon for only $1.
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