Young Adult Author HJ Lawson- New Release!

HJ Lawson Future Bound

How far will Parker go for his dad…?

Once Parker Jenkins finds out that he can travel through time, he has one goal… stop his dad from being murdered by Hastings.

Parker’s decision will affect his future, and there will also be consequences for the rest of the planet. He holds the fate of humanity in his hands. Will Parker correctly balance his father’s future against that of the world?

If you love reading young adult books that include time travel and other science fi shenanigans, it’s time to meet Parker Jenson of the Infinite Time series. Book 2 is now available! 🙂

Future Bound: Time Travel Adventure (Infinite Time Book 2)- Kindle Version

Paperbacks more your lane? Grab one here:

Future Bound: Time Travel Adventure (Infinite Time Book 2)- Paperback Version

And… if you haven’t yet read book 1, you’ll find it here:

Infinite Time: Time Travel Adventure Book 1- Kindle Version

And here:

Infinite Time: Time Travel Adventure Book 1- Paperback Version

And finally, for all of you readers who like to listen to your stories, check out the audible version here:

Infinite Time: Time Travel Adventure Book 1- Audio Version

I hope you enjoy! Be sure to investigate some of H.J. Lawson’s other books as well. Since I know you love those dystopian stories, you can start with her Sanction series, and pick up books 1-3 in a box set here:

Sanction Series Box Set

Happy reading, Stoners!

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if you decide to purchase any of the above books. But never fear, dear reader... I'd never recommend something unworthy of your time.)
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