Factions: NuGen Society Chapters

Factions Chapter 1

2 Years Ago Alex blinked, her lids fluttering open. She groaned. The first thing she noticed was the green haze hanging in the air. It...

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Factions Chapter 2

Present Day Alex shoved the rat-looking guy back down on his bar stool, baring her teeth, her eyes glowing in warning. “Touch me again, and...

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Factions Chapter 3

Cat yelled their drink order across the bar to the bartender. The noise coupled with the bass pumping was so loud, it was hard to...

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Factions Chapter 4

Alex let the door slam shut behind her as she entered the dim interior of The Gradient the next day. She blinked as her eyes...

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Factions Chapter 5

Alex bent down to shove some clean glasses back onto the shelf beneath the bar. They clinked and rattled, and she mumbled under her breath...

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