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Ha… there you were thinking I was going to reveal some hairy, dark, secrets. Sorry dear reader, not I, not this day. But I will share a fun fact or three.. Ahem. ::Donning 3rd person hat:: C.B. Stone is sometimes called author, writer, or purveyor of stories. One might even dub her a yarn spinner, if you will. It’s very possible she might be considered just a little left of normal by most, but she’s cool with that. Really, she’s too busy avoiding normal to care.
Author Secrets
On any given day, you might find her pounding away at a keyboard in sunny Florida, contemplating waves, contemplating life, and dreaming up more exciting stories to share with readers. Except Sundays of course. Sundays are God’s day in her world, so you’ll often find her making her best “joyful noise” with her local church worship team. When not pounding poor fingers to bloody nuggets and reinventing the definition of eye strain, Stone enjoys living it up, doing the family thing, the kid thing, and the friend thing. And in her downtime, reading the minds of fans. Muahahaha. #secretsuperpower
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